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Thoughts from the Founder and Strategist  Juan Ricardo Davis

Years of Life-Changing Experiences Since 1994

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A. R. T. Corp.

Welcome to Alternative Repertory Theatre Corp.

A.R.T. Corp. is a non-profit Organization, foundation in 1994 By Rev. Juan R. Davis

A.R.T.'s sole purpose is to combat and impact inner city neighborhood tension and deterioration through the youth of the community.

We foster the spiritual, social and economic skills that young people need to become community leaders and self-reliant adults.  We understand that communication between all parties involved in a youth's development is the foundational element in their spiritual, social and academic growth.

A.R.T. is providing the neighborhood youth with sensitivity awareness training and Performing Arts workshops, Economic Strategies, Spiritual Growth.   The workshops cover important social issues such as alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, family violence, bulling, gang associations and family-school unity, personal development, business ownership.

 The Theatrical components are structure, interpretation, improvisation, characterization, and posture, stage movement, light/sound, make-up and scenery.